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Please note that we only hold typical class sizes so that you can ask questions and learn more.




Frequently asked questions

Answers to your 5 most common questions…

Are these strategies difficult to learn?

Absolutely not! Most attendees should be able to begin trading soon after completing this training programme. The programme starts of slow with the basics, and then moves on to powerful and simple-to-learn strategies. Each part of the course is designed to help you become a better trader.

Do I need to watch the screen all day to trade these strategies?

Not if you are position trading. In fact, it is suggested that you first become proficient as an end-of-day trader before considering day-trading. The beauty of these strategies is that you simply find the signal a few minutes before the close of the markets and place your order ready for the next day.

Do these strategies work in all markets?

Yes most definitely, and you will be shown examples throughout the course. We will cover Stocks, Commodities and Indices.

If I have any questions after the course, can I get help?

We provide email support to ensure you understand the concepts.

What is the cost of this programme?

The cost of the Full 1 day private workshop is normally £785 Inc. 

This includes

· Course material with examples covered on the day + more

· A simple tool to calculate the BUY and SELL zones automatically

· Another tool to calculate your trade size

· Refreshments at allocated breaks 

Other courses are charging £2000 - £4000. And provide you with a bulk of information with encyclopaedia style course material, which you will probably never use. 

This course is aimed at being Simple, Practical, Professional and affordable.

Instead of overloading your mind with too much information,
aim is to teach you so that you can trade with simple tools, minimum information, and by keeping your losses smaller and profits bigger.

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