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12th March 2011

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Would you like to learn a "simple" and "profitable" trading method as used by professional traders to trade successfully?

You do not have to sit and watch a screen all day
or take large risks to become a successful trader. Trading should be kept simple at all times.

Join a respected and recognised professional trader 
Sandy Jadeja, who will personally teach you methods on how to potentially minimise risk and recognise when the odds are in your favour in his exclusive 1-Day practical traders workshop on:

Saturday 12th March 2011

The coming year of 2011 could be an interesting year for the Global Financial Markets... Do not miss this important Workshop.

2011 could mark a historical level in the markets.

The question is will you know what to do and how to recognise potential turning points in the markets?

This class is one of the most important recent classes that has been taught in recent years. Do not miss this class.

As a trader and investor, your first priority is protecting your capital and only taking the best trade setups which offer high profit potential with low risk.

It is true that the stock market can offer exceptional opportunities regardless of its direction, but it is also true that fortunes can be made as well as lost unless you have a focused and disciplined trading methodology.

The title of this course, Spread betting to win is a reflection of the techniques we will teach you.

Our approach to profiting in the stock market is simple. Professional traders win on less than 50% of their trades and yet still manage to be profitable overall. And that is exactly what we aim to teach you.

On the trading course, you will learn exact step-by-step techniques that you should be able to consistently and confidently apply to trading indices, stocks, and commodities.

Here are examples of trade setups, which had provided low risk entries with good profit potential based on £10 / point:

Short entry on Dow Jones
Profit £4460 in 25 days

Short entry on DIA (US Stock)
Profit £3700 in 23 days

Long entry on Dow Jones
£3230 in 19 days

Long entry on LUV (US Stock) 
Profit £1630 in 9 days

Long entry on AMZN (US Stock)
£7540 in 20days

Long entry on IWM (US Stock)
Loss £3740 in 4 days

Long Re-entry on IWM (US Stock)
£6840 in 15 days

JShort entry on Soybeans
Profit £1340 in 16 days

Short entry on DIA (US Stock)
Loss £270 in 5 days

Short entry on Dow Jones 
Loss £90 in 5 days

Short entry on Dow Jones 
Profit £2220 in 16 days

 An incredibly powerful trading methodology

Would you like to be able to learn how to find and take trades similar to these examples?

Learn how similar trade setups may be found in the financial markets through spread betting. You could be prepared in advance for  trade set-ups, and potential opportunities, which may provide you with similar low risk entries.

Firstly you will be shown how and then you yourself will be applying the same step by step easy to understand techniques in practical exercises during the class.

No indicators...

We have distilled out all unnecessary information, indicators and noise from the markets and packaged this in a way to teach you trading in its simplest form.

We only look at PRICE action. It is this process which is taking www.spreadbettingtowin.com to new heights in the trading industry very quickly.

Here is a simple Short entry on the Dow taken on the close of the market. The Exit target was reached in only six days. Our risk on this trade was only 52 points. Our Risk vs Reward was 5:1 on this trade.

The methodology you will learn is based on a combination of simple repeating patterns that occur over and over in all time frames and all markets.

These patterns are fairly easy to identify once you have been trained what to look for. Using these patterns with strict entry and exit rules, combined with sound money management, you should be able to see how trading can be made simpler and potentially profitable.

(Please note that these are Not your standard head & shoulders or cup and handle patterns).

Simply put, you will be taught to trade only when the market is in a favourable condition. Once specific criteria have been met, only then will you enter a trade that has the probability in your favour. Together, we will walk though numerous trades where we will fully describe to you what each of these criteria are and how to apply them in order to trade successfully.

This simple method is currently being used by some of the world’s leading traders and generating consistent returns on capital invested in short amounts of time. In fact you will find that the techniques we teach are been used by exceptional traders as featured in the now classic books such as Market Wizards and The New Market Wizards by Jack Schwager.

What this course is about...

What you will not find in this exclusive course are the very basics of trading and which indicators to use. Nor will you find useless pieces of information as seen on some blogs and forums. All of that is available for free on the Internet. Nor do we promise that you will make millions from trading or guarantee any success. Trading is risky and a professional business and should be treated as such.

This course may be suitable for you if you are already trading or have just started out and would like to learn reliable patterns and methods for position sizing and entry and exits for trade setups.

You could be able to improve your skills in finding the best trades with potential returns on your capital without being stuck to a screen all day.

We will teach and show you how to become a professional trader without spending a fortune and educate you in learning to use the right tools at an affordable price. Support before, during and after the course is provided as well as assistance in setting up your trading software.

This includes choosing the right Software and Data at reasonable prices. You do not need expensive software to trade nor will it make you a better trader as some people are led to believe.

Everything will be kept very simple and will be taught at a relaxed pace in a small class size so that you can fully understand all of the concepts. The method you will learn has been tested and our students know it works.

Your trading future depends on making right decisions and that is exactly what we want you to do at www.spreadbettingtowin.com

Please feel free to contact us now to help you make the right decision.

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Sandy Jadeja is a respected futures trader with over 24 years experience. He features weekly on televisions CNBC, Cantos and Asset TV watched by the markets top fund managers. He is currently the Chief Technical Analyst for City Index. He is also a contributing editor for The International Business Times, The Investors Chronicles and other leading financial publications.
His expertise in the application of and simplifying technical analysis with low risk trading combined with essential trading psychology has made him a highly sought after consultant and speaker at trading expos and worldwide conventions. He has also taught analysts for Financial Times, The Telegraph, and The Dow Jones News.

The risk of loss in trading and spread betting can be substantial. You may lose more than your original stake or deposit therefore you should  consider carefully whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your financial condition and seek independent advice if necessary. You may sustain a total loss of the initial margin funds and any additional funds that you deposit with your broker to establish or maintain a position in the commodity futures market. This workshop does not guarantee your success or state you will be profitable. The class is simple for information and educational purposes only.

Please ensure that you read and understand the disclaimer provided on this site.


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