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"The Market Prophet"




The Market Prophet

The Market Prophet” – Software by Jonathon Roberts, a US Trader.

I spent the majority of a week evaluating and testing this multimedia training software which claims  that it is “Totally Mechanical, No Guesswork, Tested Over Thirty Years and Proven.”  A high standard to demonstrate.  But it does!

The software is an 8-hour multimedia interactive training course with animated charts, interactive testing and audio commentary.  The course is designed to show you exactly how to apply each of the trading methods and in which markets, then beneficially, after each section, includes an interactive test to insure the competence of the trader.

The systems are 100% mechanical and anyone can use them.  All the trading time frames are covered.  “The Market Prophet” is composed of a comprehensible and complete basics section, which covers everything you need to set up your own home business. Next, the advanced systems section, highlights all the money making systems and strategies of some of the worlds top traders including some that have never been released before.

On the whole, I don’t recommend many products unless I can see value in them, and I personally have no hesitation in recommending this software.  

As a professional trader, this software can be a useful part of your professional trading toolbox.




Jonathon Roberts has kindly sent us a few copies of his training software CD’s for traders who are interested.  Below, for ease of reference, I have included a summary of the contents of the CD.

The price of this program is $295 but we have managed to obtain a few copies for £99.00 each, inc delivery.

Grab this while you can – it’s worth much more than £99.00

Let us know if you would like to reserve a copy and simply email us with your Switch or Delta details including your Name and Address with a contact Telephone Number. Or alternatively, send a cheque payable to SignalPro for £99.00.





Market openings systems - Using the opening price of the day in each market to accurately determine price direction. This system identifies with pinpoint accuracy the daily direction of the markets. It signals the trades within the first ten minutes of the market openings in the mornings. You make your trades, walk away, and check your profits at the end of the day!


Breakout systems - Telltale signs in the markets that signal a breakout to the upside is coming and allow you to position yourself to profit with the move. This aggressive system signals several trades a day and keeps you in the markets for the big moves!


Moving average system - Learn a new MA that follows the natural rhythm of the markets for a high degree of accuracy catching the big moves. Unlike the traditional methods of moving averages that take a beating in today's market. Our proprietary average system signals the direction that the markets are going to move before they move. How much would that information mean to you?


Trigger days - Easily identifiable days that occur in all markets and predict direction. Just knowing these days can add up to big profits and they occur all the time.


Pattern Identification - Time tested and proven professional method for identifying patterns in any market and use them to your advantage. So you will know how to greatly increase your chances of selling at the top and buying at the bottom of the markets.


Risk/ Money Management - Every system covered in the Market Prophet has sophisticated market departure rules built into it to maximize profitability and minimize risk.

A product developed from years of testing and research with the Market Prophet you learn the best possible systems for trading.  This is a great way to fine-tune your trading accuracy.

Limited Availabilty.

Pay via Switch or Delta by email or telephone or
send a cheque for £99.00 inc made payable to:

22 Rutland Gardens. London N4 1JP
United Kingdom



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